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FSB has a special and long-standing relationship with Churches, Christian schools and religious ministries, both locally and nationally. We share a commitment to their service and the importance of Christian values at their foundation.

What is Church Law?

Church Law is the Federal and State constitutional protections, the statutes and local ordinances that specifically concern religious organizations as they function in the secular world.  We are recognized as a national leader in matters of church law; and active in all aspects of church procedures, protection, and religious liberty.

Ministry and Secular Non-Profits

We actively represent non-profit organizations, both faith-based and secular, in all aspects of their charitable operations and activities.  We handle IRS matters for non-profit organizations, including obtaining §501(c)(3) status and working out IRS disputes.

Business as Mission

We represent Christians who see their business as a ministry.  Thomas Schetelich is the national President of the Christian Professional Network, and the editor of its business journal CPN On Point, which is distributed monthly to thousands of Christians in business.

Other Faiths

 FSB is a national leader in matters of faith based organizations and religious liberty.  We serve clients of varying faiths and traditions, securing the benefits of the law to these organizations.

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