Estate & Trust Planning and Administration


WillContact: Thomas J. Schetelich

The firm provides comprehensive and affordable planning and preparation for Wills, Trusts, and other asset transfers.  We understand that each personal and family situation is unique, and so make it a priority to understand our client’s goals and objectives, before recommending legal alternatives to secure those goals.  We provide estate and inheritance tax planning, to minimize or eliminate the burden on families caused by estate taxes.

The firm also provides services in the administration of estates and trusts, working with the trustee, personal representative, or beneficiary, to insure that the intentions of the deceased or the settlor are honored.  Our estate and trust administration includes the collection of assets, the resolution of claims against the estate, the appropriate filings in probate or with government agencies, the preparation and filing of tax returns, working towards the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries as promptly and efficiently as possible.