Tenant-in-Common Properties

ShopsContact: Jocelyn S. Szymanowski & Thomas J. Schetelich

The firm has extensive experience across the United States with tenant-in-common properties in every aspect of purchase,  sale,  ownership,  management,  finance,  transition,  litigation and arbitration.  We have represented steering committees,  ownership groups,  real estate principals and management companies of tenant-in-common properties.

Our representation of ownership groups has included matters of finance and refinance, owners’ property management transition planning and execution, tenant-in-common purchases and sales, and litigation. We have also represented real estate principals and property management companies of tenant-in-common properties.

We have worked extensively with steering committees, owners, lenders, servicers, and managers across the United States to meet the particular needs and challenges of tenant-in-common owners and tenant-in-common properties.