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Family and personal services are just that: personal. We provide individual attention to help guide you through the most personal decisions you may ever have to make.

Estate/Trust Planning and Administration

FSB provides comprehensive and affordable planning and preparation for Wills, Trusts, and other asset transfers.  We understand that each personal and family situation is unique, and so make it a priority to understand your goals and objectives, before recommending legal alternatives to secure those goals.

We also handle the administration of estates and trusts, to efficiently complete the process in a timely and professional manner.

Family and Domestic Law

We have skillful, experienced and affordable legal professionals for individuals in domestic disputes concerning marriage, divorce, and children. We appreciate that family law issues are stressful for the individuals involved.  We provide a thorough analysis of your options and effective advocacy in achieving the best outcome for your family.


We provide experienced and affordable service to parents adopting children, whether privately or through agencies, helping navigate the legal process during this exciting time.

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